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ICrA Group PhotoCranial-Sacral Therapy Training Demonstration

ICrA Spring Study Day - 27th April 2024

The guest speaker is Mary Bolingbroke DO, BSc.

Topic: Working with Ancestral and Collective Trauma

Registration 09:30 for 10.00 to 17.00. Venue is BCOM, 6 Netherhall Gardens, London NW3 5RR. Attendance Certificates will be issued: 6 hours CPD.

Course fee: £85 for ICRA members; £120 for non-members

Lunch is provided. Please let us know about any dietary requirements when you complete the online booking form.

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About Mary

photo of Mary BolingbrokeI came to osteopathy when my Granny's arthritic knee flared up bringing her life of independence to a standstill. At a local Education Advice Centre I asked about massage courses, thinking that may help Granny's knee. An insightful woman there said, 'Learn osteopathy, if you don't like it, after a term you will have learned enough to be a masseur, but if you do like it you will have a career for life', off I went to the British School of Osteopathy and sure enough she was right, before the year was out, I was hooked, graduating as an osteopath in 1992.

My post graduate training began when I started work at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London and it was there that I experienced first hand how incredibly effective craniosacral osteopathy can be. Inspired, I went on to study with the Sutherland Society and later with Dr Jim Jealous in the UK and USA.

In 1997 I began teaching osteopathy in the U.K and in Ireland at the Daisy Clinic Trust, an osteopathic paediatric training centre. Since then, I have also continued to deepen my understanding of this fascinating subject by studying with leading teachers in Europe and the USA and working with animals.

I love osteopathy because every patient has a different story and every story is as interesting and intriguing as the last. Being a part of the healing journey that is woven into that story is quite a privilege.

ICrA Seminar on 3rd February 2024

There will be an ICrA seminar on 'Our Special Senses - how can we protect them?' from 10am to 12pm on Saturday 3rd February over Zoom. Participation in the seminars is free to all ICrA members. Handouts and attendance certificates will be issued. Please let Carole know you wish to attend on cesmith255@btinternet.com

A synopsis of the talk is: What are the special senses? Other senses and the role of fascia. The cranial nerves of the special senses. The sense of hearing, balance and equilibrium. The physiology of balance. Age related hearing loss. How to reduce hearing and balance loss. Inner ear diseases. How to protect the sense of balance. Sight and the role of the retina. Protecting retinal receptors. Age related macular degeneration and the Charles Bonnet Syndrome. The importance of eye exercises. How to protect special sense receptors. The use of cranial techniques. Can cranial therapy support the special senses?

ICrA Health Talk Series

Patients expect practitioners, no matter their discipline, to be conversant with chronic health conditions, medical controversies and different therapeutic approaches. When receiving referrals from or making referrals to other healthcare professionals, it is important to be conversant with biomedical and a wide range of therapeutic models. For this reason, the ICrA is offering five series of monthly health talks on the themes of: health priorities, medical controversies, chronic health conditions, different therapeutic approaches and environmental aspects of health.

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