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Verifying Organisations Meeting - 24 May 2017

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to invite you to the next CNHC meeting with Verifying Organisations. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 24 May 2017 from 1.00pm - 4.00pm.

The meeting will be held in the MacLaren Hall (Room 1.2) at the School of Economic Science,11 Mandeville Place, London, W1U 3AJ - 5 minute walk from Bond Street tube station. Please click here to view a map: www.schooleconomicscience.org/contact/

Please note tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided during a half hour break mid-way through the meeting rather than before the meeting, to allow for networking. The meeting will begin promptly at 1.00pm.

In order for us to plan for the correct number of people we would appreciate you confirming your attendance by no later than Friday 21 April 2017.

An agenda will be provided closer to the time but in the meantime please do let us know if there any items you would like to discuss.

Please note that no expenses can be reclaimed for this event.

Kind regards

Owen Powell
Executive Officer
Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Breath of Life Conference

London 13th and 14th May 2017 - BOOK NOW, EARLY BIRD PRICES EXPIRE ON MARCH 15TH!

A landmark international Conference featuring pioneering speakers about Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathy, trauma work and allied fields. The Conference will explore key factors that organise how we function. Each speaker will talk individually and a panel discussion will complete the weekend.

The conference features:

  • Dr. Gabor Maté
  • Dr. Bessel van der Kolk
  • Robert Lever D.O.
  • Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty
  • Dr. Rollin McCraty
  • Dr. Cherionna Menzam-Sills
  • Dr. Gerald Pollack
  • Katherine Ukleja D.O.

Cost: £265 if payment is received by March 15th 2017 or £285 if payment received after this date.

The conference will be followed by workshops with:

  • Dr. Rollin McCraty on May 15th 2017
  • Dr. Bessel van der Kolk on May 16th-17th 2017
  • Dr. Gabor Maté on May 18th-19th 2017
  • Dr. Stephen Porges on May 20th-21st 2017.

Discounts apply for booking multiple events. Venue: Regent's University, Regents Park, London.

For further details and bookings, please send an email to info@breathoflifeconference.co.uk or go to www.breathoflifeconference.co.uk

ICrA Journal - Issue 1

Issue 1 of the ICrA Journal is now available.

Click here to download the journal

Spring Study Day/Workshop - 25th March 2017

Averille Morgan presents: "Exploring osteopathic approaches with such concepts as Ignition and Transition in case studies related to Conception and Dying"

Registration 09:30 for 10.00 to 17.00. Venue is B.C.O.M. Lief Houe 3, Sumpter Close, London NW3 5HR. 6 hours CPD Certificated, open to all practitioners


Course fee: £80 for ICRA members; £55 for students; £105 for non-members

Verifying Organisations Meeting - 9 November 2016

Please find in the link below the agenda for the next CNHC meeting with Verifying Organisations. Please note a Briefing Note for the group work will be circulated in advance of the meeting.

The meeting will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 9 November 2016 from 1.00pm - 4.00pm.

The meeting will be held in the MacLaren Hall (Room 1.2) at: 11 Mandeville Place, London, W1U 3AJ, a 5 minute walk from Bond Street tube station.

Please note tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided during a half hour break mid-way through the meeting rather than before the meeting, to allow for networking. This means the meeting will begin promptly at 1.00pm.

Please remember to collect your name badge on arrival at the venue when you sign in. Your badge will also have your group number on.

If you would like to attend and have not yet confirmed your attendance please confirm by no later than Friday 28 October 2016.

Please note that no expenses can be reclaimed for this meeting.

Click here to download the agenda

CNHC Newsletter - September 2016

The newsletter this month covers:

  • Camexpo 24-25 September 2016
  • Paramedic and advanced nursing practitioner on the CNHC register describes his work
  • CNHC Fee increase
  • PSB elections

Click here to download the newsletter

CNHC Newsletter - August 2016

The newsletter this month covers:

  • Camexpo 2016
  • NICE keeps guidance on complementary therapies for supportive and palliative care in adults
  • CNHC Fee increase
  • Keith Hunt - Royal Free
  • 2016 Rio Olympics
  • Random Sampling 2016

Click here to download the newsletter

Autumn Study Day/Workshop - November 12th 2016

Presented by Renzo Molinari; Topic to be advised

Registration 09:30 for 10.00 to 17.00. Venue is B.C.O.M. Lief Houe 3, Sumpter Close, London NW3 5HR. 6 hours CPD Certificated, open to all practitioners


Course fee: £80 for ICRA members; £55 for students; £105 for non-members

CNHC Snippets and Newsletter - May 2016

The key snippets this month cover:

  • CNHC Board updates policy on publication of panel decisions
  • Updates to CNHC Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance
  • CPD Random Sampling 2016

Click here to download the snippet

Click here to download the newsletter

CNHC Snippets and Newsletter - April 2016

The key snippets this month cover:

  • NICE opens consultation on draft guideline for low back pain and sciatica
  • Scottish Government updates guidance on complementary and alternative medicine
  • CPD Random Sampling 2016

Click here to download the snippet (375Kb PDF)

Click here to download the newsletter (1.4Mb PDF)

CNHC Snippets and Newsletter - March 2016

The key snippets this month cover:

  • CNHC PSB elections - next round begins soon
  • RCCM seeks new Trustees
  • CAMSTRAND 2016: 8 - 9 June 2016

Click here to download the snippet (278Kb PDF)

Click here to download the newsletter (1Mb PDF)

A Bright Farewell to Bill Wright

Dear Salome,

The General Council and Register of Naturopaths would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Bill Wright and his family.

Bill Wright was an accomplished Acupuncturist, Cranial Osteopath and Naturopath.

Should you wish to attend the funeral it will beheld on Friday 11th March at St.Catherine & St.Paul Church, Pauls Lane, Hoddesdon, EN11 8TR at 2:15pm.

Followed by a short committal at Enfield crematorium for immediate family only. After the service there will a reception, with a light buffet, at the Kings Lounge, Royal Chace Hotel, The Ridgeway, EN2 8AR.

Dress code is a Splash of Colour (i.e. no all black). Family flowers only.

Donations welcome - Dementia UK or Age UK.

With best wishes,

The GCRN Executive Council:
Tom Greenfield, president
Clare Badrick, vice-president
Mario Szewiel, secretary and registrar
Executive Council members: Norman Ball, Irving Boxer, Jennifer Harper-Deacon, Kirsten Hartvig, Michelle Matthews, Grant Taylor.

Mr. Bill Wright Founder ICrA

The International Cranial Association would like to extend our sympathy to the family of Mr. Bill Wright.

Bill did so much for the Cranial osteopathy - teaching, founding and maintaining the International Cranial Association and more, and will be fondly remembered by many.

Bill's funeral will be held on Friday 11th March at Hoddesdon.

With deepest sympathy.


CNHC Snippets and Newsletter - February 2016

The key snippets this month cover:

  • The sad announcement of the death of former CNHC Chair John Lant
  • CNHC responds to NICE proposal to remove complementary therapies from supportive and palliative care guidelines
  • CNHC PSB elections - next round

Click here to download the snippet (340Kb PDF)

Click here to download the newsletter (1.7Mb PDF)

CNHC Snippets and Newsletter - January 2016

The key snippets this month cover:

  • CNHC's new Chair, Michael Watson, sets out his vision for 2016
  • NICE proposes removing complementary therapies from guideline - act now!

Click here to download the snippet (406Kb PDF)

Click here to download the newsletter (2.3Mb PDF)

CNHC News December 2015

The key snippets this month cover:

  • Government Minister Recommends Accredited Registers
  • Accredited Registers Video released
  • CNHC at London Health Show

Click here to download the newsletter (327Kb PDF)

Letter: International Cranial Association (ICrA) and CNHC working together - November 2015

Dear ICrA member

You'll be pleased to know that although CNHC and ICrA have quite distinctly different roles, we're working together to ensure standards of practice for Craniosacral Therapists are maintained and improved. The key difference in our roles is that CNHC was established with government support to act in the interests of the public, while ICrA is there to act in your interests and those of the profession, and to provide support and services to you. ICrA encourages its members to register with CNHC and CNHC encourages all of its registrants to be members of a professional association. It really isn't a question of choosing between us.

You're already familiar with the benefits of ICrA membership, so we're taking this opportunity to highlight some of the professional advantages of CNHC registration.

Click here to read the entire letter (385Kb PDF)

Maureen Mulligan, ICA Secretary, will be giving a presentation: Suicide prevention intervention: Promoting health and well-being with young offenders with LD - 2nd February 2016

At the Offenders with Learning Disability Conference

The Centre for Learning Disability Studies at the University of Hertfordshire has collaborated with Health Education Thames Valley and Wessex to deliver this conference as part of the Continuing Professional Development provision.

Click here for more information

Presentation to The Wealden Business Group - Bill Ferguson

Wealden Business Group

CNHC News November 2015

The key snippets this month cover:

  • How to add another therapy to existing CNHC registration
  • E-Magazine for CNHC registrants
  • How to make the most of your CNHC registration
  • Job and volunteer roles

Click here to download the newsletter (360Kb PDF)

PSB Election Timetable - Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to let you know that the election process for the Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki Profession Specific Boards (PSBs) will begin in October 2015.

PSB members are now elected by registrants in order to give CNHC registered practitioners a direct say in who will act as advisers to CNHC's Board. Any registrant from either Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki is able to stand for election for the relevant PSB, including those who are currently members of the PSB.

The timetable is as follows:

  • Friday 9 October 2015: an email will be sent to the CNHC registered practitioners of each discipline setting out the full details and inviting them to stand for election. Candidates are required to set out in no more than 600 words how their background and experience meet our essential criteria using the Election Statement Template provided.
  • Friday 30 October 2015: the deadline for receipt of election statements will be 5pm on this date.
  • Monday 2 November 2015: election statements will be made available to the CNHC registered practitioners of each discipline in the 'CNHC Resources' section of MyCNHC. All CNHC registered Craniosacral Therapists and Reiki practitioners will be invited to vote electronically via SurveyMonkey.
  • Monday 16 November 2015: closing date for voting will be midnight on this date.
  • Tuesday 17 November 2015: successful candidates will be notified and results will be published.

We will also be including details in our next newsletter.

Many thanks,
Lisa Walters
Register and Website Manager
Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Newsletter from Sunderland Cranial College regarding the advertising of Cranial Osteopathy

Dear Fellows and Members,

The Osteopathic Alliance has requested that anyone who has received heavy handed treatment from the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) or Copy Advice Team (CAP) gets in touch with the Institute of Osteopathy.

Ben Katz writes:

"We (representatives of the Alliance) had a constructive meeting at GOsC (on September 10th) and there will be a meeting with the ASA/CAP in the next couple of weeks to begin to explore next steps. We now urgently need specific examples that demonstrate where the Copy Advice Team have been overstepping their remit. Please ask any colleagues you know who have received written advice from CAP to forward this to the iO at ASACampaign@osteopathy.org by Monday 14th."

Click here to read the entire newsletter

Autumn Study Day/Workshop - 10th October 2015

Michael Kern D.O.,B.S.C.T.,A,B.D.,N.D., Cranial Sacral Therapist,Osteopath and Naturopath, presents

The Living Matrix

Dr. Still wrote, "The soul of man, with all the streams of pure living water, seems to dwell in the fascia of his body." Recent scientific findings show that rather than simply being a connecting and enveloping tissue, fascia is a liquid crystalline matrix' that acts as a communication system for the whole body. Fascia is highly innervated with specialized sensory nerves that relay information to the central nervous system and help regulate body physiology. It also plays a central role in the bio-tensegrity of the body. During this workshop, we will explore the new science of fascia and apply this knowledge with practical Craniosacral approaches on the treatment tables.

Registration 09:00 - 09:30 to 17.00. Venue is B.C.O.M. Lief Houe 3, Sumpter Close, London NW3 5HR, (Underground Finchley Road). 6 hours CPD Certificated, open to all practitioners


Course fee: £65 for ICRA members; £55 for students; £90 for non-members

Seminar: European Parliament Brussels - 29th September 2015

Promoting health and well-being in the young

Partnership action for addressing mental health with histories of harm and the well-being of children and young people in prison. Policies need to ensure a health care sustainable infrastructure.

We need innovative well-being research to strengthen options. Large inequalities exist in the provision of health care for vulnerable young people effected by family injury, cultural deprivation, and trauma. The seminar will aim at collaboration and partnership with EU countries relative to universal evidence based approaches to offer an innovative regime health care sustainable infrastructure.

The object of the seminar includes invitation for collaboration with partners in Horizon 2020 in the multi-disciplinary Integrated Infrastructure in the care of young people.

RCCM conference - 10th September 2015

The Research Council for Complementary Medicine (RCCM) is holding its annual conference at Middlesex University on 10th September.

The theme is 'Demonstrating the value of Integrative Care', where complementary medicine is used alongside conventional care. The conference will explore the evidence base for integration and new initiatives in integrative care provision. Oral and poster presentations are welcomed. For further details, please contact Michelle Holmes at: info@rccm.org.uk

CNHC News July 2015

CNHC Chair retires

CNHC Chair John Lant has retired from CNHC's Board following over two years as Chair and more than five years on the Board. Heartfelt thanks have been given to John for his longstanding commitment and contribution to complementary therapy and to CNHC in particular. John is known by many in the sector following his involvement with the work that led to the creation of CNHC. Vice Chair Sheila Inglis has agreed to take on the role of Acting Chair until the end of 2015. CNHC will announce the appointment of its new Chair in due course.

Calling for case studies for Professional Standards Authority Hub

CNHC is working with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) to create an online hub of information for commissioners, employers and referrers of services. The hub will be designed to showcase examples of practitioners on Accredited Registers who are delivering health and care services.

CNHC is looking for examples that can be presented as case studies in the following areas:

Example services: a) You deliver your CNHC registered therapy / discipline within NHS or care services, GP practices, in educational or social service settings or receive referrals in these areas. b) You work with clients in the context of a voluntary or community service. For example, if you work or volunteer at a hospice, mental health service (eg Mind), dementia or other local community service.

Client case studies: You have case studies of individual treatments with clients that you think could be of relevance to commissioners and employers. These might be treatments provided to clients with long-term conditions where you are working alongside their existing treatment plan, or where your work has had an impact on people with conditions such as obesity, depression and anxiety, dementia or pain. The case study must demonstrate outcomes measured through evaluation for example by use of Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile (MYMOP), Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) or similar.

If you are CNHC registered and you think your work might be suitable to be presented as a case study please send an email to info@cnhc.org.uk with the subject line 'CNHC Case Studies', providing a brief overview of your service or individual case study (removing any client names) and why you think it is relevant.

Practitioner directories alert

CNHC has been alerted that practitioners are being approached by a company claiming to be setting up a register of complementary and alternative therapists which it says will be specifically aimed at GPs and commissioners. Practitioners should be aware that this and other similar companies are commercial organisations which charge a fee to be included on any such directory or register. These organisations are not regulators and are not part of the government's Accredited Register scheme.

You may want to listen to PSA Chief Executive Harry Cayton talk about one such organisation on an edition of BBC Radio 4's You and Yours broadcast in February 2015 (fast forward to 28min 49s). www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b053bq4q

CAMSTRAND 2015 - 10th June 2015

CAMSTRAND 2015 will be hosted at London South Bank University on Wednesday 10th June 2015. The CAMSTRAND conference is aimed at individuals and research groups who are interested in the development of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) research and is designed primarily for UK doctoral and post-doctoral fellows who wish to present their protocol, project in progress or their completed project. Practitioners interested in becoming researchers are also invited to attend.

A pre-conference workshop event 'Putting Clinical Practice into Research' will be held on Tuesday 9th June. The keynote speaker will be CNHC Board member Professor George Lewith in his capacity as Professor of Health Services Research, University of Southampton.

Click here for details and to register.

CNHC News June 2015

New CNHC Board members

Following a very successful recruitment process, CNHC has appointed five new members of the Board, three lay members (meaning not practising or registered with CNHC for any CNHC disciplines) and two CNHC registrant members.

They are Nicola Bastin (lay), Shaun Brookhouse (registrant), John Lawrence (registrant), Laura Quartermain (lay) and Michael Watson (lay).

Click here to see full details of Board members

Camexpo registration open

CNHC will be exhibiting at Stand 1320 at this year's camexpo on 26 - 27 September at London Olympia. This is an opportunity to come and meet CNHC's team and attend our Business Clinic on Saturday 26 September from 2.00 - 2.45pm.

CNHC meeting at camexpo:
We will also be holding a meeting of registrants at this year's event on Sunday 27 September at 3.00pm. So if you would like to hear more about our work, ask questions, meet other registrants and keep up to date with the latest developments in standards and regulation in the sector, this is your chance!

If you are CNHC registered and you would like to attend this CNHC meeting, please send an email to: info@cnhc.org.uk with 'CNHC camexpo meeting' in the subject line.

You can take advantage of the Early Bird Rate and book a ticket for £6.50 by using the priority code (CMXP498) before 1 July 2015 here: Early Bird camexpo registration for CNHC registrants

Job and volunteer roles

Make sure you check CNHC's Facebook page, Twitter feed and website for news updates plus details of job and volunteer roles for CNHC registered practitioners.

CPD Random sampling - May 2015

A reminder that CNHC's annual random sampling of insurance certificates and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will begin on 13th May 2015. This involves CNHC asking a random sample of 5% of CNHC registrants to send us copies of their insurance certificate and CPD log. If you are selected you will be contacted direct and asked to send your completed CPD log and insurance certificate. Please do not send these documents to us unless you receive that request.

The full details of the policy and process for the sampling are set out on the link below or on our website under 'Registrants' and 'Continuing Professional Development (CPD)'. Please do read the policy because, if you are included in the sample, failure to comply could affect your registration. Policy in respect of requirement to provide copies of insurance certificate and CPD log.

For further details about CNHC's CPD policy please see our website under 'Current Registrants' or here: CNHC CPD Policy

Solving mental illness through natural means: Interview - Maureen Mulligan

Solving mental illness through natural means: Interview - Maureen Mulligan, IINM director 04/03/15 by Spotlightoneurope on Mixcloud

IINM LogoIrish Institute of Naturopathic Medicine

The IINM has become a new partner to ICrA, and Maureen Mulligan, Director is a member. The IINM has a radical programme for rehabilitating offenders, drug addicts and people with serious mental health problems using natural means.

This Journal article was published after a meeting at Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) Justice, Equality & Defence Committee on Wednesday 18th June.

Click here to view Journal article

Radio Interview with NorthSide Today, June 2014: Ger Leddin spoke to Maureen Mulligan Director of IINM Suicide Prevention on the issue of suicide prevention in prisons.

Click here to listen to the interview

IINM is based at Glen of Imaal, Co. Wicklow 045-404567 045-404447 087-3669547. Email | Website

CNHC News: August 2013

Consultation on Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance

CNHC is in the process of revising its Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance. This is the document that all practitioners on the CNHC register must agree to and against which complaints are considered. This is the first time the Code has been revised since CNHC was established. CNHC is carrying out a consultation exercise to ensure the Code is as robust and helpful as possible for practitioners and the public and would welcome as many views as possible on the draft document. You can find the consultation document and survey links on CNHC's website under 'CNHC News'. The closing date for the consultation is Monday 30th September 2013. CNHC recognises that the Code is a lengthy document so if you wish to comment only on particular sections please 'click' on the relevant line of the contents page.

Update on Cancer Act 1939

Following the notice in CNHC's June Snippet about the Cancer Act 1939, CNHC has produced some guidance to support practitioners who wish to advertise services for work with cancer patients. This is available on CNHC's website under Publications / Guidance Sheets. CNHC registered practitioners can download it by logging in to My CNHC - just click on 'CNHC Resources' and then 'Guidance Documents'. The Act applies to all forms of advertising, including paper, online (websites, facebook, twitter and other social media) plus the spoken word so comes into force if you are speaking to patients over the phone or in person about your therapies before they book a session. We recommend that all practitioners who mention the word 'cancer' in any form of advertising, including if patients ask you about this, check this guidance urgently.

August 2013 - First ICrA member enters the Craniosacral Register at CNHC

Our member Richard Cook has pioneered ICRA's entry into the world of verifying applicants wishing to register on the Craniosacral Register of the CNHC.

n July 2013, ICRA established a process, now approved by the CNHC, for entry to the register for those of us who do not 'tick the box' in terms of having completed one of the CSTA-approved courses since 1997. In order to be 'grand-fathered on' to the (voluntary) register, we need you to complete a form which is really not at all onerous. (It is rather more onerous if you are not a statutory registered health profession such as osteopathy or chiropractic: then 3 Case Studies are needed in addition to the form).

CNHC registration is voluntary, not mandatory, but it does bring benefits:it is a quality mark for your cranial practice; if you want to work in the NHS or with your local primary care teams, then the CNHC badging is becoming de rigeur. It is also not expensive, and shows the public that you have achieved a safe standard. The application form is in the CNHC box apposite. Anyone wanting further information, contact HQ on enquiries@icra-uk.org

July 2013: Mid Summer Workshop 2013

The review of the June 22nd workshop with Charles Bruford is now available in the Members area along with the link to "Prezi" where Charles Bruford has shared his course material.

July 2013: ASA ruling against the society of Homeopaths

Following complaints - orchestrated we understand by the Nightingale collaboration - the ASA has ruled against homeopathy's claims about evidence for specific conditions. Read about it on the ASA page.

This is nicely balanced by an article that Jerome Burn wrote just before the publicity about this, which you can find here.

Be warned! and make sure the wording of your own publicity complies with ASA's advice.

October 2012 ICrA Newsletter

Click here to download the October 2012 Newsletter (974Kb pdf)

ICrA receives bequest from Doreen Brookes

Doreen Brookes, who was the widow of our founder Denis Brookes and probably our most long-standing member, sadly passed away in August 2012 aged 89, still practicing osteopathy till 3 days before her death. We were contacted by her son Charles who informed us that Doreen wanted the ICrA to have the historic books, reels of film, notes of lectures and sundry other items collected by Doreen and Denis in their long years in practice. We are now in the process of cataloguing the items and if you would like to offer this historic archive a home, please contact us.